Monday, 30 September 2013

Many Board Positions Held by Guillermo Perales

With a master’s degree in business administration and a natural talent for growing his business, the advice Guillermo Perales had to offer on matters of business was counted on among those who knew of him and his success. In just 15 years, Guillermo Perales started out as an entrepreneur and grew to be the largest Latino franchisee in the United States. 

With the experience and know-how, Guillermo Perales was invited to serve on many different community and business boards. He has held about 18 different positions including: President of the BK Hispanic Franchise Association and board member positions of the: BBVA Compass Bank Advisory board, Southwestern Medical Foundation Trustees, National Association Management Group, National Franchisee Association, and more. 

Some of his board positions have been for education, the food industry, schools, the Latino/Hispanic community, and local boards such as the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce. Many different boards have benefitted from Guillermo Perales and his skills as a natural leader and businessman. 

The positions of success, responsibility, and authority have done little to change the caring nature of Guillermo Perales. He stays committed to community no matter how many new businesses he owns and operates. It was Guillermo Perales’s personal belief that a thriving business should build upon a strong community. Without the community, no business would survive. So Guillermo Perales co-founded Latin American/DFW Fund to raise money for Latino-targeted programs. The programs were designed to support education and encourage Latino student to see their education through. 

Guillermo Perales knows without his education, he would not be the successful entrepreneur and franchise owner he is. So he set out to encourage and reward students for staying in school. Guillermo Perales created a Certificate of Achievement Award program for students that adhere to the program and don’t give up on their education.