Saturday, 14 September 2013

Guillermo Perales’s Graduated with Honors as a CPA

Before Guillermo Perales moved to the United States, he lived and studied in Mexico. Guillermo Perales studied at the Monterey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. At the school, he took all the necessary courses to become a Certified Public Accountant. As a student, Guillermo Perales studied hard and graduated with honors from the school.

After Guillermo Perales graduated from the institute, he applied to study business in the United States. Guillermo Perales moved to Texas where he attended Texas A&M University. The university has been repeatedly ranked among the nation’s top universities making it an excellent place for Guillermo Perales to continue his education. 

After studying finance to become a CPA in Mexico, Guillermo Perales figured a degree in business would be a welcomed addition to his educational studies. He opted to attend Texas A&M University’s business program and graduated with his Master of Business Administration degree. With two degrees in hand and an MBA, Guillermo Perales decided to create his own business instead of seeking employment under someone else’s company.

Attending two separate educational institutes, Guillermo Perales appreciates the value of education. For 15 years, he has successfully guided his company and its growth to a portfolio of 400 various restaurant and fast food franchises. As a successful businessman, Guillermo Perales encourages students to not give up on school.

Guillermo Perales sees the challenges of minority business leaders. He wants to encourage a whole new generation of Hispanic and Latino business owners, so he co-founded programs designed specifically to keeping children in school. Guillermo Perales decided an incentive program for Latino children would help them stay in school and created a Certificate of Achievement Award program for the purpose of rewarding diligent students. He is a co-founder of the Latin American/DFW Fund.