Thursday, 26 September 2013

MBA Completed at Texas A&M University by Guillermo Perales

Education is important and no one knows that better than Guillermo Perales. Before Guillermo Perales ever became a successful entrepreneur, he attended school; first in Mexico and then in the United States. In both schools, Guillermo Perales worked hard to perform the best he could as a clear statement of how he would later manage the rest of his career.

Guillermo Perales moved to Texas from Mexico. He attended Texas A&M University where he studied business. He earned his MBA before he started his own business. Guillermo Perales was always determined to create a successful business for himself and he did so when he created Sun Holdings in 1997. 

Guillermo Perales grew his business by buying various restaurant and fast food franchises. In 15 years, Guillermo Perales developed a successful business strategy that allowed him to own and operate 400 restaurant and fast food stores. All the while, Guillermo Perales remained hopeful Latino students would recognize they too had the power to become successful business leaders.

Guillermo Perales does not ask Hispanic student to go into business; he does ask them to remain faithful to their education. Too many students give up on their education and Guillermo Perales has worked hard to end the cycle. He co-founded the Latin American/ DFW Fund to raise money for programs specifically targeting Latino children and providing incentives for them to remain in school. 

Guillermo Perales cannot sit and talk to each student about his own education and his success as a business owner, but he can help encourage students to finish their school by funding programs. Creating the program was Guillermo Perales’s way of supporting the large Latino community in the Dallas area. He knows the value of education and encourages students to see its value too.