Thursday, 3 October 2013

Restaurant Franchise Owner Guillermo Perales

People find different ways to become successful. Guillermo Perales chose to become an entrepreneur and in doing so, became one of the most successful minority business leaders in the United States. After completing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Guillermo Perales created Sun Holdings, LLC. It was this company Guillermo Perales would lead and drive to success. 

Guillermo Perales is CEO of Sun Holdings, LLC but more interestingly is among the top franchise owners in the United States. He grew his company by purchasing Burger Kings, Popeye’s restaurants, Golden Corrals, Cici’s restaurants, Del Tacos, Arby’s restaurants, and even T-Mobile stores. Between 2001 and 2005, Guillermo Perales’s Sun Holdings’ employment grew by 400 percent making Guillermo Perales the largest Hispanic employer in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. 

Owning so many restaurant franchises meant Guillermo Perales employed a lot of people. The employment he provided was recognized by the City of Dallas for the positive impact his Golden Corrals played in the local economy. In both 2008 and 2009, Guillermo Perales was recognized by Area Developers magazine as of America’s top franchisees. 

Guillermo Perales’s awards and recognitions date back to 2005 and as recently as 2012, he earned the Lifetime Achievement award from the Latino Hotel and Restaurant Association. Guillermo Perales was honored to receive the award since it cemented his success as an entrepreneur. 

When Guillermo Perales studied for his MBA, he probably did not picture himself owning 400 restaurants and fast food stores. However, that is the path he followed and he has been very successful as a restaurant owner. Guillermo Perales believes much of the success he has experienced developed as a result of his strong foundation for strategic business development. While it only took 15 years for Guillermo Perales to climb so high, he knows it will take further skill to maintain operations and continue future growth.