Friday, 1 February 2013

Guillermo Perales Purchases Dallas Arby’s stores

In the latest big move for Guillermo Perales, his company, Sun Holdings LLC, has purchased 50 Arby’s stores in Dallas, TX. Arby’s is a large fast-food chain with franchises all over the country, Sun Holdings is based in Dallas, and Guillermo Perales is excited about this acquisition as an opportunity to continue to bring great food and great service to his community. Perales and Sun Holdings have already successfully overtaken hundreds of fast food franchises in Texas and around the southern United States. Guillermo Perales has received several awards for his work in franchises; he was recently voted Popeye’s Developer of the Year for three years straight. He is excited about building a bigger relationship with Arby’s to help them reach more customers.

We asked Guillermo Perales about his plans for the Arby’s stores. He said that some of them will remain Arby’s, but that Sun Holdings will update those stores to make sure they are in the best shape for their customers. Others will be turned into Burger King or Popeye’s franchises, depending on what other options already exists in those neighborhoods. Turning the current Arby’s stores into Burger King and Popeye’s locations will take some work, so expect some construction if you live near one of the converted franchises. Guillermo Perales promised that the inconvenience will be minimal, and that the stores will be closed for as little time as possible.

This purchase is a good move for Sun Holdings. The company, which was started by Guillermo Perales in 1997, has grown by almost 50 percent each year it has been in business. Clearly, Guillermo Perales is doing something right! He credits his success to a great staff and strong partnerships with national brands like Popeye’s and Arby's. When we talked to brand representatives for those two companies, they both praised Guillermo as a hardworking, professional franchisee with whom they enjoy working.