Friday, 15 February 2013

Burger King Hispanic Franchise Association Led by Guillermo Perales

With a recent acquisition of 96 Burger King stores in Florida and Texas Guillermo Perales is the largest minority Burger King franchisee in the United States. Overall, he is the 4th largest Burger King franchise owner in the United States. In addition to his Burger King franchises, Guillermo Perales owns hundreds of fast food franchises including Cicis, Popeye’s, and Del Taco.

Because of his success as a Burger King franchisee, he was elected as head of the Burger King Hispanic Franchise Association, a group of Hispanic owners of Burger King franchises. The Association serves as a way for franchise owners to share ideas, collaborate, and address their concerns. They are able to act as a single voice in their communications with Burger King, which allows them to communicate more easily. Burger King management is often extremely busy, and struggles to find time to check in with all their franchisees. Through the Hispanic Franchise Association, the Hispanic franchise owners can make sure that their concerns and ideas are heard. For example, the Association has worked with Burger King to make sure that their restaurant’s menus and nutrition information are translated for their Spanish-speaking customers.

Guillermo Perales has been a member of the Burger King Hispanic Franchise Association for several years, and now leads the group. He is responsible for communicating with Burger King on behalf of the association. Because of his long relationship with Burger King, he has a great working relationship with the company. This allows him to advocate for the Association’s members’ needs and to voice their concerns. Through the Association, Guillermo Perales also mentors newer franchise owners who have less experience than he does. He leads workshops and webinars in topics like brand promotion, staff management, and professional development. Guillermo always welcomes questions and requests for advice from Association members.