Monday, 4 February 2013

Entrepreneur Guillermo Perales Expands to Cell Phone Stores

Guillermo Perales has been CEO of Sun Holdings, LLC, since 1997. Since then, the company has grown very quickly but has managed its growth by sticking to what it knows. He has won awards and recognition from Area Developers Magazine, Hispanic Business Magazine, Restaurant Finance Monitor, Ernst and Young, and others. It now owns franchises of fast food restaurants around the country. Personally, Guillermo Perales has received multiple awards for his good citizenship as well. He has served in the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and on the boards of many Dallas educational institutions.

In a new move by Guillermo Perales, the company has begun to purchase T-Mobile stores as franchises. They began with one T-Mobile store in Dallas, and now Guillermo Perales has 13 T-Mobile stores in his portfolio. T-Mobile is one of the leading cell phone and service providers in the United States. Guillermo Perales is bringing his expert management and business skills to a new forum with this move. He has physically renovated some of the older stores to give them a more attractive look, and he has made sure that T-Mobile’s best products and deals are available to his customers.

Since Sun Holdings has mostly focused on restaurant franchises in the past, this might seem like a risky move for Perales. We asked him how he knew the company could take on this new service. He replied, “I haven’t ever managed a cell phone store. I have plenty of experience with restaurants, and I knew this was a good move, so I brought in new staff that has worked in this particular industry before. I can guarantee that even though Sun Holdings is new to the cell phone service industry, our staff is trained and ready to help our customers.” Dallas customers agree. Since Guillermo Perales took over these franchises, T-Mobile has seen increased sales in the Dallas area.