Thursday, 11 June 2015

First Watch Restaurants, Inc.

First Watch Restaurants, Inc. is an awarding winning daytime café run under the name First Watch. All their food is made to order using the freshest fruits and vegetables. All of their pastries are made freshly at their locations. They cook their food in healthy ways by not using deep fryers or keeping food warm under heat lamps. Keeping and serving their food fresh is what sets them apart and keeps their customers coming back.

First Watch was founded in 1983 Pacific Grove, California with the idea that they would offer breakfast, brunch, and lunch with a menu that focused on breakfast and not the standard lunch menu you see in many restaurants. Word spread of their menu that used fresh ingredients and they became incredibly popular. Since then they have grown to be a nationwide recognized fresh breakfast restaurant.

In January 2015, First Watch Restaurants, Inc. and Sun Holdings, Inc. came to a Franchise Development Agreement that would see the development of 15 new First Watch Franchise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This would be First Watch's first franchise to appear in Texas, with the first one set to open up by the end of 2015. The other 14 are due to open over the course of the next five years.

Guillermo Perales is the President and CEO of Sun Holdings, Inc., a restaurant franchisee that operates over 400 locations in four separate states. He has been voted the as one the most influential community leaders in the Latino community and his restaurants regularly gives back to their communities. Since the company was founded in 1997, their franchises, and their owners have won numerous awards for community services and business accomplishments. Mr. Perales immigrated to the United States from Mexico and attended Texas A&M where he received his Master’s Degree in Business Management.