Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guillermo Perales Celebrates Over 15 Years since First Franchise

Over twenty-five years ago, in 1997, the CEO of Sun Holdings, LLC purchased his first franchise restaurant with a meager $100,000 Small Business Loan. From those humble beginnings, Guillermo Perales has proven that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the US.

Mr. Guillermo Perales, who was trained as a CPA, but graduated with an MBA from Texas A&M University after immigrating to the US, took expertise in restaurant operations and combined it with his leadership and expertise in franchise finance and created one of the largest franchise holdings companies in the US. In fact, Guillermo Perales’s Sun Holdings is one of the fastest growing Hispanic-owned companies in the US, and is also the 29th largest Hispanic company in the nation. Under the leadership of Guillermo Perales, his restaurant franchises have expanded to include the largest minority employee pool in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which includes him being the second largest Popeye’s franchisee in the nation.

Sure, his career has taken its ups and downs, but Guillermo Perales has shown what it takes to be recognized as a business leader and impactful member of the Latino community.

The dedication Guillermo Perales shows to ethical business decisions, his employees, and to making smart choices in development all started with that one franchise so many years ago. Not many people in the US can boast of such success, especially when it started in such a small way. Surely that small business loan has been paid off, but the ways that loan helped to begin the journey of this American success story will never be forgotten.